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This year Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, falls on 5th March 2019. This feasting tradition marks the start of Lent and was historically the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before the fasting period.

Whether you are fasting during Lent, or just looking for an excuse to enjoy some delicious pancakes, we have put together our top 5 venues to enjoy these mouth-watering treats in Conwy County.

  1. Conwy Water Gardens and Dutch Pancake House

Set amidst a woodland valley, Conwy Water Gardens is open all year round and is home to the extremely popular Dutch Pancake House. Offering a choice of 65 different pancakes with both sweet and savoury options, this lovely pancake house is perfect for those craving traditional pancakes.

After devouring your pancakes, why not take a walk around the site and enjoy the tranquil surroundings? You’ll discover capybaras, pheasants, ducks and otters enjoying their purpose built otter enclosure. Click here to find out more. 

  1. Hickory’s Smokehouse Rhos on Sea

Famous for their American inspired pancake stacks, Hickory’s Smokehouse based in Rhos on Sea offers customers an indulgent breakfast option with their sweet and savoury pancakes. Choose between blueberry compote and cream, or bacon and maple syrup (it works, trust us). Pancakes are served until 11am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Why not kick-start your weekend with a delicious pancake stack at Hickory’s?

  1. Fortes Ice Cream

Typically known for their ice cream which was inspired by a traditional home-made Italian recipe, Fortes also serve hot freshly made waffles and crepes. Based in Llandudno and Rhos on Sea, Fortes is the perfect place for anyone with a sweet tooth. Dietary requirements can be catered for. Click here to find out more.

  1. Dylan’s

Situated on East Parade in the Victorian resort of Llandudno, Dylan’s restaurant offers stunning views of Llandudno Bay and the promenade. Couple this with a tasty crepe from their menu and you’ve got all you need for a great evening. Make sure you catch the Dylan’s team in action flipping a fabulous array of sweet and savoury pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. More details can be found on their Facebook page.

  1. The Looking Glass Ice Cream Parlour

Paying homage to Llandudno’s links with the real Alice in Wonderland (Alice Liddell), The Looking Glass Ice Cream Parlour is hosting a late night pancake evening at their premises in Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Guests can enjoy a wide range of toppings from traditional lemon and sugar pancakes to the popular combination of banana and Nutella. Pancakes can also be topped with a generous helping of home-made ice cream. Click here for more details.




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